Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Adam Klvač a150de00ec Fixed reading past player fields and limited maximum number of illegible server messages. 1 year ago
  Adam Klvač c390bcc53f readme: Go's `glob` implementation does not support double asterisk syntax. 2 years ago
  Adam Klvač e26140ffaa Bumped version, updated readme. 2 years ago
  Adam Klvač 24a1d16f54 Utilized routines for significant performance boost. 2 years ago
  Adam Klvač e93826325b Huffman: Removed unused function. 2 years ago
  Adam Klvač 36d9d684be Corrected 'logger.go' name. 2 years ago
  Adam Klvač b1209d4809 Initial commit. 2 years ago