Enemy Territory - Wolfenstein server side demos.

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    Enemy Territory server side demos

    This is a library for recording players from server.

    Compatible with vanilla etded 2.60b linux-i386. Any mod should work as this is an engine extension.

    Recorded demos are identical to standard client-side demos, so there's no need for a replay server or a patched client.


    Build from source or download .so from releases.

    The library needs to be preloaded into the etded binary, like this:

    LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/libetwolf_server_demo.so etded +set dedicated 2 +...

    Use absolute path for LD_PRELOAD.

    Do not upgrade the library while the server it's preloaded into is running, unless segfault is what are you trying to achieve. Here's why.


    Recording on demand:

    record <clientNum>

    Stopping the recording:

    stoprecord <clientNum>

    All demos will be written to %mod%/demos folder.


    Character Description
    %T Map startup time
    %t Demo creation time
    %G Full GUID (32 hexadecimal characters)
    %g Short GUID (8 last characters)
    %n Player name
    %p Client number
    %c Demo counter (4 characters long zero padded number advanced on each demo)
    %m Map name
    %i Client IP address


    Install following packages (or their alternatives in non-Debian based distros) first:

    apt install git build-essential cmake yasm libc6-dev-i386 g++-multilib

    Clone the repository and pull the dependencies:

    git clone https://klva.cz/code/amk/etwolf-server-demo.git
    cd etwolf-server-demo
    git submodule update --init --recursive

    And finally, build it:

    cmake .